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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Huntington Homebirth Meetup

Angy Nixon, CNM, coordinates both a Scott Depot Homebirth Meetup (locations alternate) and a Huntington Homebirth Meetup (usually hosted by midwife Sue Hovemeyer). I usually attend the Scott Depot Homebirth Meetup, but hadn't yet made the voyage to west Huntington to Sue's for that Homebirth Meetup until last Friday.

There seems to be a growing interest in our area in wanting to know birth options and alternatives. Lots of ladies have asked me whether they would be welcome at the meetups because they're interested in birth, hearing and sharing birth stories, and discussion of birth politics; however, they have not had nor plan to have a homebirth. I'd like to explain that these ladies and anyone interested in birth options are welcome to attend. Here's a sampling of demographics of attendees of Friday's meetup.

Angy Nixon, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), homebirth midwife and hospital doula/montrice.

Sue Hovemeyer, DEM (Direct Entry Midwife), homebirth midwife and expert on prenatal nutrition and wellness.

Dorothy Kaeck, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), homebirth midwife and hospital doula/montrice.

A mother of 3 who had all 3 by C-section, who does not plan to have any more children but is an advocate for informed birth options.

A mother of 2 whose children were born vaginally in the hospital. Her children are preteens and she doesn't plan to have more children, but enjoys the discussions.

A mother of 2 who is a doula and certified childbirth educator in KY. She recently returned to the area after a few years away, and is currently accepting clients in the Ashland/Huntington area.

A mother of 2 who is expecting baby #3 and planning a hospital birth. She experienced complications from what she feels were preventable birth interventions with her first two deliveries and is preparing to have an unmedicated birth this time in hopes of avoiding the difficulties she had the first two times.

A newlywed who is not yet pregnant, but has recently become fascinated with birth and babies, and wants a homebirth with midwives someday when it's her turn. She enjoys sharing information about safe, normal birth with her friends.

A teenage girl who became interested in preventing the cascade of birth interventions and looks forward to marriage, birth and babies someday.

A mother expecting her third baby who is planning a birth center birth. She had her other two babies at the birth center as well.

A mother with her 6 week old baby. She had a planned homebirth which turned into a hospital transfer and an eventual C-section. Both mom and baby are fine.

A mother of 6 who has seen one of just about every kind of birth experience, from hospital births to birth center births to homebirths.

A labor and delivery nurse who works at a local hospital with an outrageous C-section rate. She moved here from another state where the practices were far more evidence-based and had better outcomes. She is extremely frustrated with the way moms and babies are treated where she works.

And me. I'm not sure what demographic in which to slot myself. Childbirth educator and mother of four: 1 hospital birth and 3 homebirths.

Quite a variety of backgrounds and stories, yes? All who are interested in birth are invited and welcome. This is a great community in which to network and learn options.

The calendars for meeting times and places are on the Homebirth Meetup sites (linked in the first paragraph of this post.) We hope to see you there!

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