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Monday, May 7, 2012

6 y.o. son wants to be a lactation consultant (video)

My 6 year old son informed me that he wants to help mommies nurse their babies when he grows up. He has encouraged me as I nurse his baby brother, and he himself weaned at an age that we'll call "well into his toddler years."  He remembers nursing and I'm thankful that he knows that breastfeeding is the biological norm. I'm pretty sure that he isn't aware that an alternative feeding method exists.

He has heard me on the phone, consulting with moms who need breastfeeding info and support. When he started telling me what he wants to do when he grows up (in addition to the other things he wants to do when he grows up, like being a superhero, owning a bakery like on Cake Boss, and winning bike races), I recorded it and here's the result. It's heartwarming (to me, anyway) and too cute (in my biased, humble opinion.) He'll be a wonderful, supportive husband and daddy someday.

Have your kids ever talked about helping mommies learn to nurse?