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Monday, August 30, 2010

Myth-conceptions: "I trust my doctor" and elective inductions

This post goes along with my previous post, "How to avoid the ol' bait-and-switch with your OB/midwife/pediatrician." I'd like to go one step further, though.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say something absolutely absurd that their doctor "believes" or "doesn't believe." I have a great idea. HOW ABOUT WE "BELIEVE" IN EVIDENCE-BASED MATERNITY CARE???? That would be a fantastic place to start and it would stop conversations like this from making my head explode:

Facebook acquaintance: "Would you all like to guess the date my baby will arrive? (My last baby was induced at 41 weeks.)"

Me: "Would you like resources and research regarding the pros & cons of induction, when it's medically indicated, etc.? I'd be happy to help."

Facebook acquaintance: "My doctor doesn't believe in letting mothers go past 41 weeks so I have my induction scheduled already in case I don't have my baby before then."

*facepalm* *facedesk* *facelaptop*

What do you mean, your OB "doesn't believe in letting mothers go past 41 weeks"? The same way he doesn't believe in Santa Claus? Because I can assure you, there are plenty of mothers who go past 41 weeks safely and healthily, including the majority of first-time mothers. The statistical average length of gestation for a first-time mom is 41 weeks 1 day. AVERAGE.

Can we please, just please, once, read the research instead of just "trusting our doctors"? Are our doctors informing mothers that induction doubles a first-time mother's risk of a cesarean? I cannot understand why some women will trust what their OB says even if it flies in the face of all the current research. Doctors are fallible, just like all other humans.

Trusting your doctor (or midwife) is great. I'd highly recommend that you do whatever it takes to find a care provider who you can trust. Just not with a god-like trust.

Oh, and this isn't even close to all I have to say about inductions (those which are preventable, i.e. "most of them"). I have to break down into manageable chunks.

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