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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Celebrating my 1 year anniversary as a childbirth educator

Today marks one year from the beginning of my journey as a childbirth educator. April 8-9, 2010, I attended an ICEA workshop taught by Connie Livingston in Dayton, OH. I wasn't even quite sure what my goals were as a future childbirth educator. I had spent countless hours reading books, articles, and research about pregnancy and birth, and it seemed like sort of a waste to have no outlet for that information other than preaching to the choir in message boards for birth junkies, doulas, childbirth educators, and midwives-to-be. I had helped a few friends find the information they needed to make informed decisions about their births, but my scope was limited since I was "just another mom who might have read one too many birth books." I didn't even know what certification might entail. I felt that I needed to take this workshop to become a more effective help, no matter how many or few couples I would teach.

A year ago today, I could never have foreseen how far I would come in a year. I acknowledge that I have so much still to learn, and I'm continually striving to learn more, but I can see progress in a year's time. I've completed the majority of the requirements for completing certification as a childbirth educator with ICEA. Now if only someone would come watch my kids for me so I could get the rest of my reading finished, then I can take the written exam and make it official! (ICEA gives applicants two years from the date of application to complete certification, so I'm ahead of my goal dates.)

* I was required to attend a minimum of two births to satisfy ICEA requirements for my certification. So far, I've attended four births since June 2010.

* In June 2010, I completed (and recorded, and sent to Connie on DVD) a four-week, 12 hour childbirth class series, which she and my clients/students evaluated in depth on ICEA's evaluations. To count for certification requirements, I had to teach a real pregnant momma and her birth partner (not just teach to a camera in an empty room); I was blessed to have 4 pregnant mommas with birth partners for my first teaching series! In the past year I have taught a total of 20 expectant mommas and their families.

I look back fondly at the past year, at the classes I have taught, friends I have made, myths I have busted, and foundations I have built. I'm thankful for these opportunities, and I won't take them for granted or let them go to waste. I look forward to my future.

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  1. We of the natural childbirth world appreciate all your hard work! Thank you for your passion! Love you!


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