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Monday, August 22, 2011

Belly photo at 22 weeks

22 weeks along with our little boy and feeling pretty good. Yay for the middle trimester!


  1. I was the weirdo that loved when people (THAT I KNEW!) rubbed my belly and made comments like this, but the one I HATED was "ooh you don't look that far along" or "your belly is so tiny" because I waited for so long to have a pregnant belly and I wanted THE WORLD TO KNOW! I bought maternity clothes super early and wore them anyway haha.

    BUT, I know well enough to not make many comments aside from "how are you feeling?/do you need anything" to a pregnant woman (that I 100 percent know if pregnant). I also try not to talk about my own pregnancy compared to hers too much because then it seems like I'm not listening. And once I get talking about it, it's hard to control, I just love talking about my pregnancies.

    Some people can be so rude and even if they are coming from a good place, it's hard to take.

    On a side note, YOU LOOK GREAT! So do the other women in your pics. I can't wait to hear his name when he's born!

  2. Awww, thanks, Courtney! No names picked out for certain yet. We'll probably have a pool of "maybes" and select after he's born when we see what "fits."

    I know you're a supportive friend for your pregnant buddies. It shows that you care. I've loved meeting your friends that you bring to events. :-)


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