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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Artistic maternity portraits celebrating pregnant beauty

"When I am with child, I feel beautiful...not a vain beauty, but the beauty of the might of creation growing inside of me....the undeniable truth that something so amazing could only come from the hands of a mighty God. I love seeing my belly, feeling my belly and baby, & capturing all those beautiful changes that take place." ~Trebor Sutler

My best friend, Trebor Sutler, is due any day now with her 6th baby/5th birth. She has had an incredible journey to get where she is today, having been through what she describes as 2 preventable cesareans, then a challenging but victorious hospital VBAC, then her first home waterbirth on Christmas Day 3 years ago, and now awaiting her 3rd VBA2C/HBA2C.

You can see her slideshow of her birth stories up to and including her 2008 home waterbirth here.

Trebor graciously shared her beautiful maternity portraits with us. (She photographed them herself! Isn't she multi-talented?) Trebor is always gorgeous, and I thought these photos especially captured her beauty and this special moment in her life.  Pregnant bellies are so beautiful and miraculous.

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