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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

...and my best friend is pregnant, too!

Trebor on left, me on right, w/ our 4th babies. Nov 2010.
You might remember my best friend Trebor's Sutler's birth story from her previous baby. She had a peaceful home waterbirth with midwives, on Christmas day a few years ago, which was her second VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans). Here is her birth story and what led up to it. Her story was featured in several local newspapers.
Trebor and her husband Rob have a lot in common with me and my husband, Rick. We each have four children close to the same ages, lost one to miscarriage, homeschool our kids, similar lifestyle choices (try to eat healthy, teach our kids manners, etc.), homebirth, baby-led weaning, and more. Trebor and Rob decided a few months ago to try for Baby #5. Rick and I cheered them on but did not plan on joining that club.

Then I found out I was pregnant. That was supposed to be Trebor, not me! At that point, Rick doubled up his efforts to root for Trebor to get pregnant ASAP so that he and I wouldn't be the only ones in this boat. About two weeks after I got my positive pregnancy test, Trebor got hers. Wow. Our due dates are only two weeks apart!

We share the same homebirth midwives and now we're in a race to the finish. Who will get our primary midwife (maybe we both can)? What will the weather be (due late December or early January and we both live up a steep hill)? Surely we won't go into labor at the same time. I was counting on having her as my doula and birth photographer. If all goes as planned, we'll still be able to doula each others' births, but one of us will have to attend the other's birth with a newborn in a Moby Wrap and hope that he or she sleeps a lot.

My husband had a different idea. He thought that it actually *would* be a good idea for me and Trebor to go into labor at the same time so that we can get it over all at once, share a birth tub, moo together, then catch each others' babies. Then the men could go watch TV while we women do all that birth stuff. Haha Rick. Um, no thanks.

At any rate, a true best friend will walk with you through any journey in life, and I'm looking forward to sharing this crazy ride with Trebor. It will make for some awesome maternity photos!


  1. I am so excited to share this journey of our lives together!! If by chance we do labor at the same time...lets just rent a fancy hotel room w/ huge jacuzzi tub!

  2. This is just too exciting!!! Congratulations to both of you! I like Trebor's idea about the jacuzzi. I so wanted to have my son (J-the 27 year old) under water, but my OB-GYN would not hear of it. You ladies have the right idea.


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