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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Eve Baby!

About a week before Thanksgiving, my kids and I constructed an advent chain of sorts to countdown the days until Christmas, since my due date was December 25/26. This gave my kids--especially the two younger ones--a more tangible way to understand how many days remained until Christmas, and, possibly, the approximate time until our baby would arrive. Of course, I fully expected that he would arrive closer to New Year, but it was still a good countdown for the children. It also helped me cope when I began to get impatient with the remaining time to wait for baby's arrival. When I looked at these paper strips, they didn't look like many, and the chain got noticeably shorter quickly. Here's our countdown chain a few weeks ago:

What a worthwhile wait. Look at our Christmas Eve baby! I can't wait to post his birth story and the few photos I have from that adventure.

He's so long he doesn't come close to fitting in this stocking! 21 1/2"

8 lb 10 oz means nice round cheeks/jowls on my newborn!

Look how long he is! No wonder I was so uncomfortable. How did he fit inside me just yesterday???

Photography by Trebor Sutler


  1. HOORAY! I'm so thrilled for you and your whole family, Sarah! What a beautiful beginning to the story.

  2. Gorgeous and a lot of hair!


  3. Congrats! Beautiful baby boy! :)

  4. He's gorgeous Sarah!!!!!! I'm so happy for you all, and I can't wait to meet him! :)

  5. He's gorgeous!!! Great pics, Trebor!
    Awaiting the full story...

  6. Beautiful!!! Congratulations!! What a lot of beautiful hair!


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