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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OB office manager's reply to MyOBsaidWHAT.com submission

My email to the customer service link at my former OB's office:

In 2002, Dr. H was the OB on call when I gave birth to my first child. She said something insensitive and cruel as she stitched up my needless, preventable tear. Recently, I submitted her quote and my story to the website MyOBsaidWHAT.com, and it was published. Don't worry; I didn't name names. I didn't want sued for defamation of character. I did, however, blog about my experience to warn other women, so that they can avoid the suffering I went through. Would you please forward the following links to Dr. H:



The office manager's reply:

Dear Ms. DeGroff,
Per your request, I forwarded your email to Dr. H.

Our goal is to deliver quality care and customer service to every patient that we serve. We only know how we are meeting this goal by hearing from our patients or families. I am sorry that we did not meet your expectations.

Director, Customer Service
X Hospital

Readers, what do you think? Is this just lip service? What are the odds that my comments and links were *actually* sent to Dr. H? One thing is fairly certain: E, Director, Customer Service at X Hospital probably spent a little bit of time reading my blog and MyOBsaidWHAT.com.


  1. It's most definitely just lip service.

  2. I am shocked you received a reply at all, and also curious as if Dr. H. actually was forwarded the message. Way to go, for taking the initiative on sharing it with them, and hopefully you planted a seed. Maybe Customer Service Director E. read something that provoked a thought.

  3. I completely applaud you for your actions. I only pray that the OB got the message and I don't mean just received it and read it, I hope he/she realizes the repercussions of their actions!

  4. That's actually a pretty good reply! And for your part, I love how calm and collected you were in your note - those are so much more effective than rants. Good job; hope it has a positive effect in that doctor's practices!

  5. Lip service. Though maybe OB did read it - I hope so. But I am not surprised that she didn't say sorry.


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